Please note. we are experienced unprecedented levels of demand at the moment and are unable to take advanced orders for flour

There is a small mill shop situated in the north-east corner of
the mill, up the stone steps.  A wide variety of flours and oats are available in sizes from 1 to 25 kilograms, thus providing quantities and varieties suitable for everyone from the first time baker up to the retail businesses and commercial bakers.

Our modern computerised weighing machine (replacing a much older machine) can be seen in use by our helpful and friendly staff who will be pleased to serve you.

Customers can phone the mill and check stock of flour or other products. Delivery in the local area can be arranged for large orders.

As well as the flour, the mill has a range of free recipe sheets using the mill products. We also sell dried yeast, biscuits and in the warmer months, a range of ice creams.

Flour normally stocked at the mill

Strong Wholemeal  High quality flour from EC wheat – particularly good for bread.

Strong White  Blend of Canadian & EC wheat – particularly good for bread.

Strong ‘Malted’ Flake  White flour with malt wheat flour and soft flaked malted grains for bread & rolls.

Organic Strong Wholemeal  Baker’s grade 100% extraction flour – good for bread & rolls.

Organic Strong White  Baker’s grade with high protein Canadian wheat in the grist.

White Self-Raising  Top quality fine soft cake flour with added raising agents.

Plain White  Untreated white flour – for pastry, some cakes & normal household use.

Pizza Base  Fine white ‘elastic’ flour specially for thin base pizza.

French Stick  French wheat makes a flour for crusty French rolls & baguettes.

Pastry Special  A specialist blend of wheat & maize flours, gives a golden finish with little shrinkage.

8 Grain  Special blend of strong white flour, flakes and various seeds for a high fibre.

Golden Brown  White flour blended with coarse bran to give a brown flour.

Multi seed and flake  Wheat flour containing poppy and millet seeds, malted rye and barley flakes, and toasted wheat flakes .

Spelt flour  Brown flour, rich in nutrients with a nutty taste, low gluten.

Buckwheat  Light brown with a nutty flavour. Used for blinis or mixed with wheat flour.

Barley Flour  Low gluten, gives a darker colour & earthy taste when blended with wheat flour.

Cornflour  Used in baking in combination with wheat flour for shortbread.

Light Rye flour  Some of the bran has been removed – can be mixed with other flours to your taste.

Dark Rye flour  Wholemeal rye flour – can be mixed with other flours to your taste.

Groats (Oats)  Unflattened kernels with husks removed – used in sausage, haggis & black pudding.

Oatmeal (pinhead)  The oat kernel is cut in half and any floury materiel sieved out.

Oatmeal (medium)  Dried & milled groats.

Oatmeal (fine)  Dried & milled groats.

Quick Oats  Pinhead oatmeal is flaked, steamed and rolled – ideal for porridge.

Jumbo Oats  Groats are steamed and rolled, larger than quick oats – ideal for thick porridge.

Pearl Barley  Used in broth, soup and stews, and can be used in salads.

Supreme Muesli  14 ingredients, including oats, barley, wheat, nuts, dates, figs, sunflower seeds, etc.